December 05, 2016

Please Don't Go

Watch the first video and do the activities in the photocopy. Then watch the second video and check with the lyrics.

November 26, 2016

Physical Appearance- Famous people

Click here to go to the padlet. Write the description of a famous person and post it. It's very easy.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Image result for thanksgivingClick here to see some vocabulary.

Click here to do some activities (the key is on the second page).

Look at old posts about this topic!!

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November 25, 2016

Physical Appearance

Click here to do a listening activity about physical appearance. Click on "worksheets" to do the exercises.
Image result for describing people

Click here and do the listening test. It's easy -listen to it only twice (2 veces) (Intro 2, Describing people). Click in "comments" to check your answers.

Click here to do a matching exercise. (Hay dos hojas, la solución está en la segunda).

Click here to do another listening activity. Look at the vocabulary first and check your answers watching the video at the bottom of the page (long and difficult!).

Look at old posts, for example this with a very good interactive book.

November 19, 2016

Common adjectives

A list of adjectives. Click on the words to listen to them. Look at older posts (File 3 too).

Image result for adjectives examples

Common objects

Click here to review some vocabulary.

Pronunciation of -s and -es

Remember to look at older posts about the same topic.