May 18, 2018

Profile: Ethan Followwill

Watch the video and answer the questions. Check your answers in "comments".

1. How old is Ethan?
2. What does he do?
3. Where's his family from?
4. Where do his parents live now?
5. What does Dorman do?
6. Where does he work?
7. What does Blyth do?
8. What does she do?
9. How many sisters does Ethan have?
10. How old are they?
11. Where does Paden live?
12. What does Ethan like? (three things)
13. What do Ethan and Charlie do?
14. Who is Sarah?
15. What does she do?

Profile: Paula Harrid

Watch the video and answer the questions. Check your answers in "comments".

1. Where's Paula from?
2. Does she have children?
3. What does she do?
4. Who is Peter?
5. What does Peter do?
6. Where's he from?
7. How old is Sarah?
8. How old is Mary?
9. Where's Mary today?

The Traid Clothes Shop

Watch the video and answer the questions or complete the sentences. Check your answers in "comments".

Part 1

1. Where is the shop?
2. What are the customers buying? _____________________ and accessories.
3. Are the clothes new?
4. What do people give to the shops?
5. What does the shop (charity) do with the money?
6. What is Kathy doing today?
7. The clothes are _______________ and colourful . You can buy men's and women's clothes: _______________, _______________, _______________, _______________ and _______________.
8. Traid makes fashionable ______________________________ using _______________  _______________.

Part 2

9. What's Zoe making today?
10. Where does she live?
11. She makes all kinds of clothes using old clothes: _______________, _______________, _______________ and for the winter _______________ and sweatshirts.
12. What time does she start work?
13. What time does she finish work?
14. What is she doing today?
15. What does she always do at work?
16. Today she ______________________________ and sewing very quickly.
17. She can make ______________________________ in a day.
18. What is she doing during her break today? (two things)
19. Does she like her job?
20. Zoe knows her hard work _____________________________________________.

Hobbies: listening activities

Resultado de imagen de hobbies1. Listen to Peter's hobbies and answer the questions.

2. My favourite hobbies. Click here to see the exercises and the script and here to listen to it.

Free Time: Vocabulary

First listen and repeat. Then do the matching, filling in and dictation exercises.

Activities 1

Activities 2

Hobbies 1

Hobbies 2

Hobbies 3

Can you cook?

Read the article about Tom and do the exercises to practise 
and improve your writing skills.

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