April 29, 2017

Activities and tests

Resultado de imagen de english for beginnersClick here to go to a blog with lots of activities from your book and other books to practise (videos, listening activities, tests, speaking).

Object pronouns

Resultado de imagen de object pronouns

Click here to review object pronouns. You can listen to the examples.

likes / dislikes / favourites

Click here to watch Johnny. He talks about the things he likes and dislikes. You can click on tapescript to read it at the same time.

Likes and dislikes

April 24, 2017

English sketches

Click here to see a poster about an activity organised by the English Department to celebrate World Book Day.

Tuesday 25th April - Guiri & the City with Tricia Audette (sponsored by Oxford University Press)

Salón de Actos- 17.00h. and 19.00h.


Click here and learn how to say the date in English.



Write the date 1

Write the date 2

Write the date 3

Times and dates- prepositions

April 19, 2017

Anulación matrícula

El plazo para anular la matrícula finaliza el 30 de abril. Pincha aquí para ver un resumen de la Orden. 
Hay cambios con respecto a años anteriores!!!