February 17, 2017

Frequency adverbs / Daily routine

Image result for frequency in englishGo to contents and click on "frequency" and "daily routines" to see old posts with lots of listening activities.

Click here to see an interactive book about chores and frequency adverbs.

February 14, 2017

Daily routines

Image result for a day in the life ofClick here to see a model example about Jack (you also have the photocopy).


Click here to check the photocopy with three texts to punctuate.

punctuation charts - Google Search:

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Image result for st valentine's dayClick here to see a fantastic interactive book about this festival. Learn some vocabulary and do the two songs at the end of the book. 

Check old posts too.


February 10, 2017

A rock star

Image result for a rock starA rock star talks about her daily routine.
Listen to the mp3 file and put the words from the table into her itinerary. There are four extra phrases you don't need to use. Then listen again to check.

Click here to read the script.

Present Simple

A day in my life. Click here to learn some vocabulary and do a listening activity.

Learn about the use of the present simple and watch a video with examples. Do the exercises,

Listen and read this story in the present simple

February 02, 2017


Image result for st valentine's card

Click here to see the guidelines and conditions for the contest.